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Internship programs in Israel open up great opportunities for Ukrainian teachers. Studying the experience of Israel, postgraduates, doctoral students, scientific and pedagogical staff increase the level of knowledge, master new unique teaching and learning methods, gain additional experience of research and practical implementation of its results in the production of start-ups, gain information exchange and expand contacts.

Upgrading Qualifications (Internships) of Academic, Research and Teaching Staff

In accordance with the current Regulation on professional development and training of pedagogical and scientific-pedagogical workers of higher educational establishments, the order №48 dated 24.01.2013 of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, one of the types of training of employees is short-term professional development (seminars, workshops, seminars, meetings, seminars, trainings, trainings, webinars, roundtables, etc.).

As a result of the Ukrainian-Israeli Scientific Conference on Modern Achievements of Science and Education  participants will receive a certificate confirming their 108-hour internship on Innovation in Science and Education. The experience of Israel." The purpose of the internship is to intensify cooperation in the academic and scientific fields between Ukraine and Israel. The certificate will be issued by the Israeli Independent Academy for Development of Sciences (האקדמיה העצמאית לפיתוח מדע בישראל)

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